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Thank You Letter to a Teacher

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Tips to write College Adviser Appreciation Letter

I defended my thesis late September, and received my grade yesterday due to university rules. I waited about 4 months to receive my grade, and it was well worth the wait. So I was wondering if it's alright to shoot my professor and advisor a thank you e-mail?

Does anyone have any experience with this? I would greatly appreciate it, thank you. Instead of thanking her for your grade, I would thank her for the time and energy they spent with you during your thesis, as well as what she has taught you. You earned your grade, she did not hand it to you. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Is it alright to thank my Master's thesis advisor, via e-mail, for getting a good grade? Were you guys close throughout your writing of the thesis? If yes, I think it's better to thank the professor in person and maybe go into some details about what you're thankful for, eg, key learning moments that your advisor provided you.

If you guys weren't that close, a thank you email is fine but still go into some detail about what you're thankful for, so that you're not thanking her for a grade, which would sound like you didn't earn your grade We were not that close, but yes I plan to thank her for her guidance. What is a respectful and concise subject heading for an email to a potential advisor?

Thank you, this was the exact question I was trying to find an answer to. I wrote a professor earlier in the week just to introduce myself, and now I have an appointment set up with the department grad advisor and I want to meet with the professor while I am up there. I wrote a second email and asked if they had time to meet with me while I was in town.

This is a very helpful template. Finally, I found my supervisor , he send me acceptance letter after finishing PhD. Thank you so much! I have been sitting here stumped as to how best to contact potential supervisors, as you only get one chance at a first impression. This was so helpful, and I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for sharing your advice. This is an excellent forum you have created. Thank you very much. Please i Just want to ask whether it is wise to call a Professor who has an open PhD position in his Lab and you are strongly interest, but you sent him and email and recieved no response.

And is it generally a good idea to call a Professor on phone when you find interest in his research and hope that he takes you in into his Lab. This is what look for last long month ago. I have to say thank you very much for thing you have done, in my country we not familiar with this. Your advise help me to appropriate starting and encourage to step forward on my ph. Do you have any suggestions for a mature applicant for PhD program, who is older than most of targeted potential supervisors?

I am currently working as an assistant professor as PQ faulty in a foreign institution and trying to pursue a doctoral degree starting from forthcoming fall semester. I just wanted to say that I was quite pleased by this advice until I read this response. It pains me to see an someone in your position advising someone against further education because of their age. Unfortunately with the abysmal job market and the likelihood of massive debt, age becomes a major risk factor in any phd decision.

I have seen the tragic outcomes among my clientele. Some do still prevail, but many more do not. I suppose it depends what field you are in and if you are paid to be at the institution or not. In my field PhD students are typically given full funding packages and stipends, eliminating the need to take out loans. Dear Karen, thanks for you rsuggestion! Do you think that including the CV as attachment might be a good move? I have the slightest hesitation though. I suppose my instinct would be to not send it, until asked.

Dear Professor Karen Kelsky, I do appreciate creating such a great website for us as students. I check this website everyday indeed! Thanks for this outline! I am currently looking into potential advisors for Fall of and would like to contact them. When would be the ideal time to do so?

Hi Thank you for your great advices. It was all about phd application, but what about masters? What graduate school are looking for in master applicants to accept them? Dear Professor Karen, Thank you very much for guiding prospective Ph. D students towards the realization of their dreams. These essential things add up in a big way to help secure an admit.

It becomes a bit confusing as to how to convey all your thoughts to the professors and yet be concise in your approach. Thank for sharing this king of information..

Could tell what is subject line for seeking Phd Supervisor. And could you send the separate email for asking about that.. Dear Professor Karen, Thanks so much for your help , it is highly helpful as I am in the process of communicating a potential Advisor. Hope I find an Advisor like you. Should I contact them both or just pick one and stick with it?

They are in the same department, but are focused on different aspects of the same field one is shellfish restoration and the other is shellfish aquaculture. Thank you very much for you great input.

Can you please post a followup email sample. I am working on one for about a week. But I think I came across rude. I have used your post as an email template and send it to several professors. About half of them respond positively.

I think your template is a very good format for PhD application. Could you also give me more suggestion on how to continue the communication with professors? I would like to thank you for your post, it is very helpful. I am in the process of communicating with two potential Advisors and this will be my last effort to attend a PhD. Thank you very much for this post. I am about writing my very first letter to a potential supervisor.

I hope with these few tips you shared, that I get a good response. Is it ever ok to send more than one inquiry to professors in the same department? I want to apply for a one-year research fellowship abroad which needs to prepare research proposal.

I do not know how to choose my subject. If I ask about it from a potential supervisor, would it be harmful?? It is very kind of you replying. Yes that would be harmful.

Thank you for your reply but do you agree with me that it is really a difficult decision what to choose for your PhD topic which is innovative and also appealing to yourself and others?? I think most phd students have a deep impulse or drive to do a topic and it just flows out of them. Thank you, thank you for helping us would-be grad students not look dumb! Dear Professor Karen, Thank you for posting such important information.

I actually got your information after i sent my first email to my potential supervisor. I understand i made many mistakes. Now it has been days since i sent it. So will wait the response. I wrote to one of the potential advisor and he has replied back the same day with a request for cv. Can you please advise me for the tips for CV? I am in the University town. Do you think it is a good idea if I request him for a meeting? Thanks for this awesome post. I followed your advices and wrote an e-mail to potential faculty for Ph.

D program that I want to join. And it worked very well. I received an e-mail back from him the following morning! I did not ask whether he had time to talk to me though, and I only asked whether he is accepting students this year. His e-mail was very brief 2 sentences , saying of students he is accepting, and he encourages me to apply. I would very much appreciate your time and help!

Dear Karen Have you any suggestion for applying together with our spouse!! My husband and I are planning to attend in a same school. Do we have to mention this in our first email? Do we have to send emails separately?? How can we improve our chance to get admitted in same place???

Thank you for your info. I found your advice reassuring. I have one question though. I have had some good responses and offers in Europe.

Now I am planning to apply to some high-ranked US universities for a research position in electronics. X, but after 3 weeks, he didint reply me. Y… after few hours he reply saying, im ready to supervise you, welcome to uni Y. Then, a week after that, the Prof from Uni X replied me saying. Karen Hello, Thank you very much for your helping. Would you please give me any advice or direction about that. Thanks in advance Regards Parisa A. I am a senior, finishing up my B.

Writing to professors can be extremely intimidating. I found that your example was a wonderful tool for organizing the information and thoughts that have lead me to apply the my individual programs. Dear Karen there were great tips i have never known. What if i guess my publication is not enough strong to compete with other candidates in the university i want to apply for? Does it mean i will not be able to attract a supervisor? It is a big problem in my mind and i dont know how to deal with.???

Dear professor Karen, Thank you for this advice. Sc in Biomedical Genetics last year and now i am planning to do my PhD in genetics in Canada, for that i would like to contact a supervisor and in my letter what all the information should i have to include and another problem is, i am planning to publish an article in the last of this month i have already send to the journal, so whether i should try to contact the adviser after the article is published or i should contact the adviser now itself as there are only limited seats for PhD.

I am in the process of writing a letter to a potential supervisor myself and have gone to talk to different professors in my current university to ask for advice. I do have a topic in mind, but almost everyone told me NOT to mention a specific topic in the e-mail but rather general idea. Maybe the grad school application approach is different in the States. I think you are right in that the approach is different in different countries. I am in Australia and I have met up with a university professor.

He told me that most people would not be able to choose their own PHD topic and that it is important to be flexible while still making sure you will enjoy the topic you end up doing.

This is because the professors apply for grants on specific topics and then need students to do that topic in their PHD. The only way you could do your own topic is if you do a self-funded PHD, i.

For this reason I will be including broad areas of interest in my emails rather than specific topics. The only thing I found was interests of supervisors and in few universities some research projects but not relevant to my field. I hope you can give me some guidance. Thank you for your advice! Thanks again in advance! I am currently applying to graduate school programs and was wondering if you had any advice on interviews.

I was wondering what I should expect. Hi Karen, Thanks for the advice. I am an undergraduate student and will be applying for graduate school in the Fall of , but I need to ask graduate schools if they will accept my pre-requisites for Speech Pathology because it varies at different schools… What would your advice be to go about emailing them?

Thank you very much on posting such a wonderful e-mail template. It helped me a lot. I tried on my own and took the help of many seniors but all was in vain. Cara menulis email yang benar kepada professor di universitas diluar negeri Icicles Mind Fossil.

Thanks for providing such a nice insight and useful suggestions for admissions. I am 44 and wish to do an engineering MASc in Canada. Will my age 44 go against me?? I Will require funding. I hold a patent in Canada should I mention that in my email? Dear Professor Karen, Thanks for your suggestion. However, I am having a problem.

I could not find any publication or research work available on the internet of the supervisor I want to work with. So what sort of comment regarding his work may I make which can help me grabbing his attention? I am a prospective MSc student. Dear Karen, Your description was very helpful on how to write the e-mail, but what continues to stump me is what to put into the subject line.

During my time as an undergraduate, I have had many professors tell my classes to chose our subject lines wisely because they delete mail not directly related to their classes or from faculty memebers. I just finished composing my email to a potential Professor in an Ivy league school, and I am now confronted with the question of what subject would be appropriate for my mail.

Please Karen, your help is really needed. This is probably of no use to you now, but she answered it in the above comments already.

Thank you so much for such a nice and informative article. I was about to send an email to professor with many mistakes. I have just visited your site and found your page likes on facebook are and i would be the lucky one to make it So congratulations from my side on reaching likes in FB.

Dear Professor Karen, Thanks for your valuable post. You have provide a good idea to write in a correct and polite way. This post is very helpful and guiding me to write an email for a professor. Dear Karen, I must confess that I have been terrified just thinking about contacting the professor in a program that I am interesting in. After reading your posting and your template, I feel so much better. I plan to pursue a master degree in biomedical engineering with a focus in medical instrumentation at the university of Saskatchewan.

I have been on the program website but not quite sure how to address the section in your template: Dear Professor Karen, Thank you for posting this guide! I was wondering if you have any suggestions or additions to this for students looking to apply to M. Tailoring the program to my interests is heavily dependent on my potential advisor, however I also feel that any competent faculty member would be able to assist me with this.

Thank you kindly in advance for any advice. Thanks for this very useful post Karen. I do have a question — it has been 9 years since I graduated from University BSc.

Hons and have been working in a separate field since graduation except 1 year spent teaching the Sciences to high school students. I am now looking to return to complete an MSc in Environmental Management.

What would be your suggestion on the best way to approach this? I followed up after 2 weeks, and she replied almost 2 seconds later apologizing for not getting in touch sooner because she was out sick and the email then got forgotten. In this case, there was a happy ending. I was never more glad of my persistent stick-to-it-ness. Dear Professor Karen, Thank you so much for this valuable post. It was so informative. I am aspiring to do Phd in fall I would like to the right time for contacting professors regarding Phd and what are the things I should mention other than the info provided in your article.

Karen, Thank you so much for this very useful and valuable post. I would like to ask question about , how to reply a mail after a supervisor giving negative feedback for an application. Your advice was very useful in helping me figure out and frame my email to a potential supervisor. There is one concern however, and I have been frantically searching online for a tip on the same. I am a student doing my Masters Thesis-based and after three years I have decided to switch to a different university for a Course-based degree in the same program.

I have completed 6 courses and a part of my research but it took me a while to figure out that research long term research does not suit me very well.

My confusion is if I should mention that in my email and if I do then how to put it across in a polished manner, so that it does not have any adverse effects on my application. I would appreciate if you could kindly advise me on this. Thank you for your advice. I have 2 papers published and attended some workshop and 2 national congresses. I had been working as a teacher assistant. Meanwhile I had to work that is not related to my education for 2 years.

Could you please advise me about that? Thanks very much for such an incredible post. It will really guide us through the application process and applying for funding opportunities.

I can not imagine what would have happened if we did not have such a nice person like you around us! Really appreciate your work. This is a great resource for learning how to properly contact advisers, thank you for making this! Should we befriend them on Facebook?

I could see reasons for and against do that. Seeing the posts, pics, and etc. Thanks for this informative post! In my case, there are many research questions I am interested in exploring within a broader topic. How can I reflect this openness while still showing I am focused? Thank you for this great blog and willingness to share your professional knowledge. Could you please, very briefly, address two issues: This is not so important, but I read few people asked similar question and it remained unanswered, but is also in way related to the previous one.

Would you consider it to be a drawback that we are applying together for PhD in the US? And do you think that in similar cases it is better to send one e-mail to a Prof. PPS — Please answer my post at least No. Yes you can do as you say re question 1. To ask up front would be a little awkward. When we are accepted implementing positive American attitude , we will write you an e-mail on issues we had as Eastern European candidates and how we successfully resolved them!

Thank you for giving such a nice template. I must say this would definitely help me in writing it to the professor for my phd program. I was always confused how to approach to the professor, i did get the reply for the emails i have sent to different school but this will make it more precise and would be easy for a professor to explain. How to Write an Email to a Potential Ph. I was going to send a poorly written email but decided to get some tips on what exactly to include in my first letter and I stumbled upon your excellently written article.

I really appreciate you taking time out to write these articles. I am going to apply for a masters degree and I am currently writing a letter to some of the professors in whose research I am interested in. Karen, Thanks for this insightful post. Please, I need your advice; should I resend my mails following this template or …?

I am writing you this email to inform you of my interest in your field of research XXX. My current Masters research is in XXX and I have also been researching into more problems in this area. I have been able to come up with a research proposal for proposed Ph. I have attached to this mail, a copy of my CV, a brief proposal and an abstract of the same proposal so you can quickly go through it.

I am currently applying for XXX Scholarship and I need an approval letter from my supervisor to complete my application.

In case you will not be able to supervise me, I will appreciate it if you can suggest some other people whom you know can supervise my work. I look forward to reading from you soonest to allow me complete the application on time. Hello Prof Karen, Thank you for generous tips and advice.

I got tired to get such kind of information to relief my stresses. On the other hand, I would expect that I will need a far more deeper guidance about my PhD application road map.

While the sites of the aforementioned schools state that it is not advised to contact faculties as they can not give any prior admission unless to submit all the application materials; test scores, transcripts, etc, it is welcome to contact them if you want to talk about the research they do or you want to do. The problem is that I am missing mind duel to all this timed tasks that I have to carry out simultaneously. Do you agree with me? Second point I study here in Brazil in Portuguese.

As an Egyptian, I used to study engineering in a mixture of English and Arabic. Thus, it was difficult to understand and communicate with the teacher and classmates during discussion. After all, it is a MSc and understanding to solve questions in exams is important than understanding the language itself. So that I used to study in English and then make such conversion from English to Portuguese in exam times.

As a result, I usually get B grades. I got only one A. Do you think that will lower my chance of getting admission? Third about recommendation letters, I do not have the complete ability to determine which faculty professors I should ask to recommend me. For example, my supervisor is really a nice woman and supportive.

However, some times she looks like angry from me and neither I nor my colleagues know a specific reason for that. I just try to relax, supervise, and educate myself. Like that, shall i ask her to recommend me or not. Other professor who was my 65 year old supervisor in Egypt. He was considering me as a son to him and he has written many recommendations to me.

But due to out-of-control problems in my work as a TA in the same dept, I feel like he has changed towards me. I am sure that he still appreciate my hard work and traits and he is the most knowledgeable person about me.

Shall I ask him to recommend me? I am happy to find this template. I definitely believe it is a great help. I have one concern though. I saw you stated that age is a big risk. I am applying to PhD in finance programs for fall I will 40 years soon.

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You may find that thesis to the alternative advisor and devote letter PhD to it — the harder it is to go thank to an academic environment with lower pay and a lack of set work hours. How to write College Adviser Appreciation Letter with a sample to help you write the letter and a template to help you understand the format. Your timely advice helped me a lot to get through with all my hardships to complete this thesis. Thank you very much for the time you gave me. Again, thank you.

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