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M.I.A. - Paper Planes Lyrics

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❶The song gained popularity in North America following its appearance in the trailer for the film Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen left and James Franco right. Retrieved 12 June

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What does Paper Planes mean?

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General Commentthis is what M.I.A says [about paper planes]:" I was going to get patties at my local and just thinking that really the worst thing that anyone can say [to someone these days] is some shit like: ”What I wanna do is come and get your money.” People don’t really feel like immigrants or refugees contribute to culture in any way.4/5(2).

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About “Paper Planes” This penultimate song on Kala marries a deceptively airy beat with a song about tourist-murdering passport-counterfeiting thieves. The song can be read as the clichéd story of immigrants or the owner of an arms industry.

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Paper Planes meaning. Find out more about the meaning of Paper Planes by M.I.A.. Dig into the lyrics, the cultural context of the song, and hear what the artist has to say. I think in this song the line "I fly like paper get high like planes" is meant to be sort of backwards, because planes fly and you can get high from paper (a rolled joint) The obvious interpretation of the chorus is an armed robbery, but MIA herself said the other possibility was a black market business selling guns. You decide.

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Wow. This is rather intresting. They play this s*t on the radio here in somerset ky like, 5 times a day. I never understood the song until I read these comments. Hell, in a way she sounds like a drug dealer or something in this song. And why in the hell is she called "M.I.A." the person below me here is right, mia means missing in action. Terrible. I think 'Paper Planes' is Wes' idea, and Dave [Taylor, aka M.I.A.'s collaborator Switch] worked on it. We worked on it in London to get the sound of it right. But the idea was .