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Proposal And Dissertation Help Job Satisfaction

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RE: mba dissertation on job satisfaction.

proposal and dissertation help job satisfaction
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We give you a unique opportunity to earn money by writing essays. The case studied organization is a hotel group located in the most exciting and excellent city of the world, London, UK. Grange Hotels provide a wide choice of accommodation and venues all across London, designed to meet your corporate and company requirements Grange Hotels, Many researchers identify in several ways in definition of job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction is one of the most widely studies work-related attitudes in the fields of industrial and organizational psychology, and organizational behaviour Spector, They defined job satisfaction as an attempt by management to design tasks in such a way to build in the opportunity for personal achievement, recognition, challenge and individual growth.

In addition, Furnham stated that job satisfaction provides workers with more responsibility and autonomy in carrying out a complete task, and with timely feedback on their performance. In similar way, many researchers and authors have described that job satisfaction has great impact on the work performance of the employees within an organization. The excellence and quality in customer services is the prime aspect for the organization.

While during the review of literature, the researcher has identified some gaps and lacking in relation to job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within an organization, particularly hospitality industry.

So, in relation to fulfil existing gaps and lacking in literatures this research is most effective and appropriate from point of academic perspective.

Overview of the case studied organization Grange Hotels, UK. The opportunities range from royal banquets to the pampered luxury enjoyed in our private health clubs. The organization believes that the Grange Hotels can satisfy every requirement of the customers and visitors Grange Hotels, The organization has following important aspects in relation to employee management and work performance that derived from Corporate Social Responsibility, Grange Hotels, UK section Grange Hotels Corporate Responsibility -.

To formulate the theoretical framework associated with this research is important and vital in accordance with research background. This will help the researcher to set the definitions of the job satisfaction and work performance as well as to identify the relevant factors. Measuring the level of job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within an organization. McKenna ; Archnahr ; Hakala ; and Gillikin To explore and identify some key job satisfaction and work performance measurement tools and techniques available in the existing literatures and how the case studied organization is measuring the level of job satisfaction and work performance of the employees.

Introduction and Background and chapter 2: Critical review of Literature. The selection of research topic plays significant role to apply and implement knowledge and understanding about a particular research area. It determines the research scopes and limitations with the selection of relevant research topic.

The researcher has been studying business and administration management, focusing on human resource management. Thus, the selection of this research topic i. Based on the main research question, following research questions can be construct in relation to research aims and objectives-. Data both primary and secondary has been collected through semi-structured interviews, questionnaire survey and document analysis etc. The researcher has made valid conclusions and recommendations base on the research findings where there are several issues and concepts that need further investigation and analysis that can lead future research initiatives.

Thus, the researcher would like to opine that this research has created several research scopes in the field of job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within an organization. Every research project has some limitations that can affect the overall research activities and research report.

Throughout the research project, there were following limitations-. Lack of available time: The researcher has limited time to complete the research project. This lack of available time has affected the collection and gathering of relevant data and information from the different sources- primary, secondary and tertiary etc.

Lack of financial resources: The researcher has limited financial resources that in some cases affected the overall completion of the research project. For example, due to lack of available money, she carried out limited number of questionnaire surveys and interviews within the case studied organization, as she needs to travel more to carry out more surveys and interviews that cost more money.

The researcher has overcome this limitation, because she has been working within the organization that helped her to make appointment in most convenient ways with the management personnel and general employees of the organization.

Lack of skills and competencies in relation to interview and survey completion: The researcher has lack of skills and competencies in relation to conduct and complete survey and interview. This thus affected the collection of primary data from the surveys and interviews. But the researcher has carried out document review and analysis that helped her to support data and information that derived from the surveys and interviews as well as she had carried out pilot study that increased confidence and ability to complete survey and interview.

Small sample size and fewer amounts of data and information: The researcher has to set small sample size because of limited time and financial resources and thus this affected the collection of data and information.

In this chapter some of the major issues and concepts such as research background, research aims, research objectives, research questions, theoretical framework, reasons for selecting research topic, overall limitations within the research project etc. Critical review of literature is the vital and important part within the research project for the purpose of exploring, identifying and analysing existing theories and practices into the literature about the research topic or research area Saunders et al.

Thus, it can said that the critical review of literature plays significant role to conduct the research project in most effective and appropriately. The researcher was more motivated and self-esteemed regarding the research title as she has been working for nearly 2 years within the case studied organization.

Thus, the researcher believes she will be able to explore and evaluate the real situation in relation to job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within the organization. This chapter has discussed and explained some major issues and concepts regarding the critical review of literature such as literature review sources and strategies; theoretical framework for references; concluding remarks on critical review of literature and limitations on critical review of literature etc.

It is vital to establish the strategies for the critical review of literature, because it helps the research to understand the scopes and dimensions of the research areas as well as to explore the real key themes and thus available theories and practices done by previous prominent researchers and other scholars. For example, according to Fink , research literature review has many uses and thus it requires setting appropriate strategy to achieve following goals and objectives within the research project- to identify inclusion or exclusion criteria; to establish data extraction methods; to evaluate study quality; and to apply and implement techniques for synthesizing and analysing research findings etc.

The researcher will use relevant books, articles, journals and other publications in relation to read the relevant data and information in accordance with research aims and objectives. The researcher would like to mention that there were four sections such as i. Factors that influence job satisfaction and dissatisfaction; ii. Measuring job satisfaction; iii.

Measuring work performance; iv. Relationship between job satisfaction and work performance; and v. Role of job satisfaction on work performance. There were particular sources and strategies to collect and gather relevant data and information for each of those sections. For example, to read and search relevant books to collect and gather data and information about the factors that influences job satisfaction and dissatisfaction has been applied in relation to section one.

Like this, several sources and strategies have been used to explore and investigate all relevant research works in accordance with this research project. The literature review sources and strategies can be represent as follows-. The researcher has used most appropriate and authentic sources for the purpose of critical review of literature in relation to research topic.

There was uses of some internet sources those were most appropriate and relevant with the research aims, objectives and research questions. All of these sources were appropriate and effective to complete research project.

The researcher has used some books, recent articles, journals, publications and other electronic sources to collect secondary and tertiary data from the critical review of the literature.

The key themes that has investigated and explored from the review of literature can be shown as follows-. Factors that influences job satisfaction and dissatisfaction of employees within workplace. According to Pinks et al. They also mentioned that personal traits such as age, education level, tenure, positions, marital status, year of services and hours of work per week. They have developed following figure in relation to factors that influences job satisfaction and that has impact on the work performance of the employees within an organization.

The researcher will try to identify and investigate any one of the above mentioned factors within the case studied organization, Grange Hotels, UK for the purpose of comparing and contrasting the effectiveness and efficiency of those factors in real life or practical field. There are several factors that affect the individual needs, values and expectations within the organization can be used to evaluate the level of satisfaction of that employee Sempane et al.

What is the current salary and status structure within the case studied organization and how this structure is affecting the level of job satisfaction and thus performance of the employees will be analysed and evaluated by the researcher. In , Hertzberg has developed theory of motivation-hygiene.

According to Hertzberg Schultz et al. When the work is interesting, he suggests can be accomplished by the job enrichment. So, job enrichment is become another factors that have influences on the job satisfaction and dissatisfaction and thus on the work performance of the employees within an organization.

Combining tasks that influences skills variety and task identity; b. Forming natural work units that enhances task identity and task significance; c. Establishing client relationships that increases skill variety, autonomy and feedback; d. Vertical loading where the worker has more authority, responsibility and control over the work and that increases autonomy, skills variety, task identity and task significance etc.

Opening feedback channels that increases feedback. Is there any implementation of particular way or combination of way as mentioned by Valencia within the case studied organization for the purpose of job design and job enrich that affects the job satisfaction and work performance of the employees will be identified and discussed by the researcher. They have found that organizational commitment is vital for the job satisfaction as well as work performance of the employees within an organization, particularly in hospitality industry.

They also mentioned that internal marketing, empowerment and leadership also positively influence job satisfaction. While Heskett et al. Based on previous research works completed by several researchers such as Babin and Boles, ; Bernhardt et al.

What are the organizational commitments and what is the service chain model within the case studied organization, Grange Hotels, UK and how these are affecting the job satisfaction and work performance will be explored and analysed by the researcher. According to Chen and Silverthorne , job stress is a critical issue in relation to job satisfaction and work performance of employees within an organization. It seems to be a common assumption that employees, who are happy with their job, should also be more productive at work Spector, It has been hypothesized that if above average performance is rewarded on the job, and then the correlation between job satisfaction and job performance would be higher Jacobs and Solomon, The researcher thinks that to measure the level of job satisfaction, it is require to provide some appropriate definitions of job satisfaction because it is very complex issue to measure the level of job satisfaction within an organization.

As cited by Rashid shows that there is no simple definition of the job satisfaction because it means different things to different people. He described that job satisfaction varies in fact according to what a person seeks in a job, how he or she ranks the items sought in order to priority, and how well the job permits the person to achieve the various personal goals. Job satisfaction is simply how people feel about their jobs and different aspects of their jobs.

It is the extent to which people like satisfaction or dislike dissatisfaction their jobs Spector, According to McKenna , the most frequently adopted approach to measuring job satisfaction involves the use of rating scales that are standard instrument that are designated to provide feedback on specific examples of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

He also mentioned that there are other techniques for measuring job satisfaction such as critical incidents and interviews. The technique in which the employees are requested to focus on some situation or incident that is related to job satisfaction is known as critical incident technique where the employees experience greater freedom to express themselves, unlike the situation with rating scales.

Another technique interview that is regarded as more open-ended approach than critical incidents and where interviews offer interviewee wider scope in terms of response McKenna, p. Moreover, Archnahr, et al. The psychometric tools are the most effective and efficient to measure level of job satisfaction.

Other tools that can be used to measure job satisfaction include- global measure that measures the overall satisfaction of the job; facet measure where satisfaction is measured on each aspect of the job. According to Stanton et al. This JDI items include- working environment, payment, promotion, supervision and relations with co-workers etc.

However, other researchers have used JDI in relation to measure level of job satisfaction. For instance, the JDI is an instrument that is used to assess job satisfaction more than any other inventory Kinicki, The basis for the Job Descriptive Index is that job satisfaction is important for three different reasons: Their arguments are based on the idea that workers deliberately decide to find satisfaction in their jobs and perceive them as worthwhile.

Several authors and researcher have revealed that job satisfaction is an important aspect within the organizational performance, particularly in the hospitality and hotel industry as the business is concern with services through the employees. For example, according to Nguyen, et al. They suggest that employers benefit from satisfied employees as they are more likely to profit from lower staff turnover and higher productivity if their employees experience a high level of job satisfaction.

Work performance measurement is an integral and crucial part within the organization. If the organization does not establish proper and appropriate performance measurement system, they cannot measure and evaluate the organizational performance itself.

So, it is vital to measure work performance of employees by adopting and implementing some tools and techniques through setting some criteria. For example, Hakala has proposed following ways to measure employee performance work performance -.

The measurement of efficiency and productivity regard as the vital tools and techniques for the purpose of measurement of work performance Gillikin, He also mentioned that a time study approach can be used to measure the efficiency of an employee.

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