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What is the Impact of Brand Research?

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Fresh, creative, customized approach to every study. A boutique firm that, since , has delivered excellence on every level to our clients. Specialists in Hispanic and multicultural research. Infotools is a software and services provider, with particular expertise in processing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing market research data. Cutting-edge full service insights partner delivering exceptional value for the money compared to traditional agencies.

Insights in Marketing IIM is a marketing research firm that delivers in-depth and actionable insights inspired by the consumer voice. Insight Strategy Group is a research-driven strategy firm that inspires its clients to build innovative and impactful experiences for consumers. We empower people with insights to make companies better and more agile.

Our unique insight ecosystem helps companies shape their future. T-Mobile needed to understand how multiple campaigns were working by each element as well as impacting on the brand. There has been much discussion globally in the past year or two on how important it is for brands to be present on mobile networks and applications. Rather, what is needed is a comprehensive and informed brand strategy. Improving communication means appealing to physicians' heads as well as their hearts.

A message that incorporates both claims-based and emotional characteristics should be a more powerful advocate for a brand than a strictly claims-based message. Marketers have lost control of certain aspects of brand communication - it is no longer enough to identify and communicate one brand position.

Brands now target specific groups of consumers to ensure their message is relevant, compelling and motivating. One of the most important steps is using customer input, as described in this article.

This article covers an important dimension of holistic branding - markets and consumers - and explains why solid market research is a vital part of any successful branding strategy.

This article reveals the different dimensions of interactions between a brand and its environment - the key to successful branding. A recent market research study focused on understanding the feasibility of a new vodka brand to enter the Chinese market by bypassing 1st tier markets.

The study included focus groups, semiotic analysis and video ethnography. Learn insights from this case study by Labbrand. The questions regarding the uniqueness of brands raise concerns about brand distinction in the industry. Get your FREE GreenBook account and access powerful tools to find, engage, and manage the right partners for your market research needs.

Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury rail vacation provider operating in the Canadian Rockies, speci Saint Elizabeth is a national health care provider delivering a wide variety of caregiving se For over 30 years Dundee Precious Metals had a long, storied history as an closed-end mutual Brand 1 is launching new checking products into market.

In order to give these new prod As part of a global effort by this major US Credit Card firm to optimize their merchant netwo VIGA provides global audience research. We have the techno Brand Research Brand Positioning Market research companies evaluating brand positioning and a related communication strategy to position a brand within a category. Find firms to conduct research to determine the most effective brand positioning and strategic marketing efforts to achieve it 89 results are displayed in randomized alpha order, starting with "E", after featured listings.

NY , New York. Albuquerque , New Mexico. White Plains , New York. Tarrytown , New York. Sherman Oaks , California. At B2B International, we believe good brand management is one of the most powerful tools in business to business marketing. Understanding the strength of your brand, and giving it good direction, can take it further, delivering a high return on investment for a relatively low cost.

Our starting point is always to understand the facts. What does your brand stand for? What are its values? How do these compare with competing brands? We tackle B2B branding research with a well-defined structure. We assess the value of your brand by measuring its performance at every stage in the brand funnel, including one of the most important components — awareness. If people do not know about your brand, how can they consider it? We also measure penetration — the proportion of your target market using your brand.

And we measure advocacy too — the proportion likely to recommend your brand. An excellent measure of brand efficiency is the proportion likely to recommend your brand out of the total number aware of it. Correspondence analysis is used in branding research to analyse the relationship between brands and various brand characteristics product and service attributes through a brand map. By plotting multiple brands on a brand map, it is possible to identify which characteristics define brands i.

For example, the various brand characteristics can be plotted according to the degree of association across company sizes, countries, business units, etc. As the name suggests, word clouds are a visually attractive and impactful way of presenting open-ended responses in the form of a group of words. These could be brand perceptions, first impressions on an idea, awareness of different products or respondent profiling data — essentially anything where there is a vast array of one or two word responses.

Word clouds identify and highlight the key themes mentioned in a question by presenting the most common and repetitive themes as the largest words. Findings can be grouped, for example all the positive associations can be indicated in green, or attributes can be colour-coded for easer interpretation, such as product, brand and channel associations represented by different colours. Word clouds are often presented with the coded counts of the open-enders in order to asses quantitatively the differences across key breaks.

Wordle showing the associations respondents had with a brand. Positive associations are in green; negative associations in red. The most common associations are innovative and quality. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your brand at different points in the brand funnel means precious direct marketing resources can be directed where they are most needed, while competing brands can be attacked where they are known to be weak.

Our brand research usually begins with depth interviews or focus groups to get inside the minds of decision makers to understand what your brands mean to them. We then turn to quantitative research using telephone interviews or panel respondents to establish measures along the brand funnel.

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Correspondence analysis is used in branding research to analyse the relationship between brands and various brand characteristics (product and service attributes) through a brand map.

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What is brand research? Brand research assists with the creation, development, and ongoing management and strengthening of brands. Analysis can be carried out to understand the landscape and develop a launch strategy. Brand research can also be conducted after launch to assist in the development of brand assets.

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Brand Research The most successful brand research studies the habits of people who use your competitors and points to ways to affect their environment to get them to think about your brand as a choice. Most brand research does not consider this. The focus is on studying people’s actions and reactions, not habits. Brand Research Every brand aspires to connect with customers in a tangible, emotional way that results in a lifelong bond. To the victors go the spoils of loyalty, up-sell, cross-sell and referrals.

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Circle Research White Paper ¢ B2B Branding Research B2B Branding Research IN SUMMARY This paper on B2B branding research: ¢ Defines what a brand is and why it matters to B2B companies ¢ Outlines the commercial benefits of having a strong brand ¢ Identifies the seven key features of a strong brand ¢ Details a three step process to measuring brand perceptions. Speak to the branding research experts Home > Research Services > Research Services > Branding Research A brand is very valuable and an asset to any company.