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❶It is also important to build trust through communication, because without trust, the client would not share their problems and depend on the social worker for help.


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Why Social Service is so Important?
What is the meaning of Social Service?

It is needless to say that they get much time for merry making, playing, amusements, touring etc. Students should cultivate the spirit of service from the very formative stage. Most of the time of a student is wasted in idle gossip, in roaming and in fruitless work.

It is better to utilise the power of youth in socially productive work than to squander our precious time in loitering at the market place or before theatre hall.

If a student utilizes his time fruitfully and in socially useful work he gets contentment. Contentment is his satisfaction with his position.

Students should remember that they are born for the improvement of the society by instilling the spirit of service in them. They can help the mankind in the best possible way. If a student does not have the will or spirit to work he cannot succeed in life. We elevate our life style by doing well to the society. Social service is a voluntary work and one cannot be compelled to do a work.

Social service fulfills two conditions. It helps one to utilise the leisure hours and the society gets benefited by it. The value of social service should be taught to students to create inspiration in them. They should be enthused to pay their utmost strength and service to the society to make their existence meaningful. Students should be taught how to serve the people of their country. They may teach reading, writing and arithmetic to the vast majority of illiterate Indians.

They may render service to the members of the society in their time of need. They may relieve the suffering of the masses by nursing the sick. Spreading education is no mean service. Social service also social work, social welfare refers to activities to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged section of the society.

It aims at elevating the living condition of the poor, disabled, elderly, children, women, and depressed section of the society. Social Service refers to the range of services provided by the government and private philanthropic organizations for the purpose of public welfare and social well-being including:. Service to mankind is service to God. They do not let a single day pass without doing some act of charity, however small it may be.

The sense of social service comes out of kindness of the heart and depends largely upon character. Many wealthy people live selfless lives. They spend anything for the good of their neighbors. Less fortunate members of the society are also human beings just like their more fortunate counterparts. People of means must come forward to render services to their less fortunate members of the society — wealthy men with their riches, young men with their energy, students with their intelligence and vigor, and men of talents with their ideas and plans.

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Social Service: Its Meaning and Importance Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On April 1, By Vijay Introduction: The concept of Social service has evolved through the ages.

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So, for doing social service the only thing which is important is the strong will to do something for the betterment of the society. The social services cover for children includes integrated development of children, care and protection to abandoned, neglected, unwanted, destitute children, setting up creches for working and ailing mothers’ children, nutrition programmes etc.

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Words Short Essay on importance of social service Man is primarily a member of a social community. He should not only be concerned about himself but also for the welfare and development of society as a whole. It is truly said that “Jana-Seva” is “Janardhana-Seva”. Now, social service is considered an important part of the school activities. Significance of social life: Man is a social being. Man lives in society, depending on mutual cooperation.

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Field for social service: There is a large field for social service. One can serve the society to his heart’s content. We can help the poor, the needy, the crippled and the handicapped. This is social service. We can teach reading and writing to the illiterate people. We can try to bring about prohibition. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education () cited in Horner (, pg ) talks about social work values and states that, It is important that at all times social workers practice in an anti - oppressive and anti -discriminatory way.