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Descriptive Essay Example: The Haunted House

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❶This made me wake up at night for few times during our stay at the village.

However I wanted to visit an actual haunted house if I got a chance in my life. During the Eid holidays my family visited and stayed at village Rohtas. The village is surrounded by the fort made by SherShahSuri about years ago.

The fort has a populated village in the Eastern half of the fort, whereas the west part is deserted and contains a few haunted places including a Black Mahal. This is an old broken and haunted house where nobody lives since hundreds of years. I requested my father to take me to that haunted house.

It was getting dark but I insisted to go straightaway as I was filled with joy and wanted to have that thrilling experience. We walked for about half an hour and reached the haunted house Black Mahal. At night it was quite eerie to even look at it from a distance. When we reached near the broken entrance of the haunted house we heard some mysterious sounds which made us stunned, however, when we moved forward in to the broken entrance the noise became louder and some things flew like a rocket very close to our heads.

He knew that these flying rockets were the big bats which had made this place as their residence. My screams were loudly echoed out of the big broken house which made other birds living in their to start flapping their wings after sensing the incoming danger.

The whole scene was very spooky which made me petrified. I requested my father to please return back as I did not want to be in hot waters anymore. My father pacified me and advised me to be a brave child. He used the search light to show me the flying bats and spiders webs and broken walls and stones that I had knocked earlier. This was an effort to raise my confidence level but I refused to go any further into the haunted house.

This made me wake up at night for few times during our stay at the village. During my winter vacation, me and my family went to Switzerland. When our plane landed we realized how cold it was. Our hotel had sent us a pickup cab, it was extremely chilly so we put on our coats and woolen caps.

It was late evening and everything was covered with snow. On a hilly track the car got stuck due to heavy snow. The driver kept trying to get out but all in vain. It was getting dark and cold. We were tired and wanted to reach our hotel. The driver tried but due to bad weather the signals kept dropping.

My sister saw a house and asked the driver if we could stay there till a car was arranged. We all walked up to the spooky looking hut and knocked but to our surprise the door just opened and we all entered. We entered into a hall, it was dim lit and there was a terrible smell all over.

But my father said we will have to stay there till the new car came to pick us. My father lit up the fireplace that made us feel a little warm but the long and dark shadows of all things made the whole place look even more haunted.

I clung on to my mother and hoped the car came soon. We found out that since no contact was possible, we will have to spend the whole night there. I could not sleep the whole night while my parents and sister dozed off. During the night, I heard creaking sounds of broken furniture which made the whole place feel more morbid.

I felt as if there were dead people and witches walking around the house and I could hear their footsteps. Those eerie sounds were spine-chilling and petrified me even more. My nightmare finally ended when I could see the first rays of sunlight. I immediately woke up my father to make sure we get out of that place.

Luckily the new car came soon and we went to our hotel. The Haunted House Once upon a time two friends called Bill and Andy decided to visit and old house in the forest. They had heard that the house was very spooky and maybe haunted.

As they walked through the forest they had an eerie feeling that they were being watched but trees don't have eyes! They reached the house and started having second thoughts about going in. They felt butterflies in their stomachs as they opened the big old door.

It banged shut behind them making them both jump with fright. They started hearing bizarre sounds and thought that someone was doing hocus-pocus. Suddenly a ghostly apparition appeared out of nowhere and flew past them letting out a blood-curdling scream. Then more alarming things happened.

Lights began to flicker on and off and morbid crying sounds were heard as well as someone whispering their names. Bill was petrified and wished they had never come to this spine chilling place. They were both in hot water already and had skipped school to come here instead. Andy started screaming, "Lets get out of here before something happens to us and we kick the bucket!

It didn't finish there though. They both had to face the music from their parents when they got back and their teachers the next day. Here am writing the story of one of my friend "Patricia" being called "Tricia", whom i met in our summer vacations in Washington DC last year.

Once Tricia told me that in her early ages she moved into a village called Santee Lakes along with her family, and in that residential area, the new homes were surrounded by older neighborhoods. Tricia said, she loved the house in her neighborhood, as they overlooked a huge canyon over there, at night time, they would sit outside and stare into the blackness.

Being that there were no lights to block out the stars in the night sky, they saw every single falling star, It felt magical sitting there under a star filled sky.

It happened when Tricia was 6 years old. The apparition came at her in the dark of the night, her Parents hadn't come outside yet, and mother was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Dad was overseeing her brother and sisters, and she had sneaked outside, it always felt better to be outside, she don't know why, it just did, a big family has lots of chaos, and her was big and loud, her Dad was always singing, and somebody was always calling out. It never seemed to be quiet in her home.

Sitting outside, She was relieved no one had noticed that she was missing, she said it felt so nice to be in the dark alone at that time, even if it was just for a few minutes. There were rabbits and squirrels around, and lots of birds, Tricia saw the face floating above a grove of small trees, the trees were around a quarter mile below, and she thought it was an owl, at first.

It floated toward her, and she could see the beginnings of a neck, an arm, and hips, the Ghost was dressed in a flowing, pale blue gown, she saw that she had a cotton hat with lace around the edges. She smiled at Tricia as she floated right past, Tricia remember being frozen to the spot. She went into her house, and was gone from sight in a minute.

Tricia waited for a minute or two, but she didn't come back. Running into the house, she looked for her. Normal stuff was still going on in her house, and no one had seen her, Tricia guessed she didn't say a word to anyone, but her Dad asked Tricia who she was looking for.

Tricia didn't answer him as she pulled open closet doors, and ran through all the bedrooms. When she was convinced that she wasn't hiding, Tricia gave up her search, everybody started to go outside, and Tricia was the last one out the door.

Tricia was determined to find the girl, she didn't reappear until Tricia's bedtime. Tricia saw her playing with some of her toys on the floor. Tricia sat up in bed, and she faded away. They only lived in this house for a couple years, but the ghost showed herself to Tricia at least once a week. She traveled from the valley to Tricia's house almost weekly.

Tricia wondered if she was buried there. Tricia said she was looking through the history books once, and she saw a picture of children dressed and running alongside wagon trains. You know, back in the prairie days of old. When people headed west.

Maybe this little girl was from this era? She will never know. Tricia went up to the area a few years back, and the whole area was overdeveloped. Homes now filled the valley, and our old "Haunted home" looked so different.

I hoped and prayed she was at rest now. Who knows, maybe she still haunts the old house? In our summer vacations when it was hot in Islamabad we planned to go to Murree, as it was cold in Murree.

We reached at Murree at 5: So we went to KFC to eat food and after that we went for shopping. In the middle of the way we found our cousins we met them. After some time me and my cousin saw a spooky big house, we went closer and tried to open the door but it didn't, as it opened by itself.

In the first room we saw ghosts in it, we went to the next room and saw spider webs in it, we went to the next room and saw snakes in it and one of the snake fell on me and Rania from the roof, we went to the next room and saw many ghosts, spider webs and snakes too. We screamed and shouted for help and then our parents came to rescue us and took us out of the room.

Once upon a time there was a haunted house it was empty no body lived there but only ghosts. The House owner was so sad about that so he asked a brave police man to clean the House from the ghosts he agreed. Then the next night a brave police named John went to the house, it was so dark and scary. He sat in a dark room waiting for the ghosts, suddenly a very shriek voice came out of the room he understood that the ghosts came.

John tricked the ghosts by saying if they went in the bag it would mean that ghosts are better than humans then the ghosts went into the bag. John threw the bag in the trash house and he won the price of 90, dollars. The Haunted House Once upon a time there was a haunted house in the middle of a dark and spooky forest and their were two boys who went to the haunted house and they had an eerie feeling and when they went in side they saw blood curdling from the roof and they got scared and were running back outside when they reached there they saw that there was no door and they fell in to the basement and then they saw a apparition of a ghost came and Jerry and Beck were getting a chilling feeling and they were hearing a person doing hocus-pocus and it was bizarre and then suddenly fire started to burst and then Jerry and Beck saw the main door and they went outside and went to there home and told the whole story to there family and when they went to school and told everybody they did not belive so they went to the haunted house and the samething happened to them.

While they were playing they saw a old spooky house. They decided to go inside when they did the door closed behind them with a big BANG! When they looked back at the door it was locked they tried to open the door but they couldn't they needed a key do they walked very slowly. Then suddenly a box appeared it opened by itself Ashely and Amy screamed to the top there lungs. They now have butterflies in there stomachs. When they walked the entered a room called a Vampire Fiestivail there were thousand of thousands of Vampire.

When one vampire saw them he or she looked very hungry. So the blood thirsty vampire chased them until Amy got the garlic and made them eat it and they died. Afters little while they entered anthor door and it lead to skull valley where there are skulls floating everywhere they were trying to kill Amy and Ashely. Amy knew that skulls were afraid of fire so they made fire and we holded it up and the skulls gone away in a flash.

At the next room there were ghost so we made a run for it but one ghost went in Amy's body so Ashely made a run for it when she reached she felt sad so she ran back and was trying to cure Amy she said " Amy don't be with them be with me remember all the fun thing we did together like climbing to someone's back garden and coming here plz be with me" Then Ashely gota to do something she grabbed a brick and smashed it on her and the ghost went away.

Then both of them were relived so they ran like the rind and fou d the key lying on the floor and a magic wand they both said hocus locus and magicly they were at the door and used the key and ran home.

They learned not to go to the bizarrex old haunted house. The End or is it I decided to invite my friend over for a sleepover at my house. When it was dark, we snuck out of the house.

Across the road from my house was the strange looking,scary house. My friend and I went to the strange house and slowly opened the creaky door. We stepped inside the house and all we could see we're rats, bats, bugs, insects and cobwebs. As we were exploring the house, we suddenly saw a headless person.

The headless person came rushing to towards us with an axe to chop our heads off. We ran as fast as we could to the door, but the door suddenly closed with a bang and locked itself. We ran upstairs and hid. The headless person found us, so we ran back downstairs again, and saw a big axe lying on the table. I picked it up along with my friends help.

We then quickly hid behind the staircase waiting for the headless person to come downstairs looking for us. As he came to the bottom of the staircase my friend and I lifted the axe with great strength and managed to chop the headless person into 5 pieces. We then dropped the axe and ran. Th door was still locked so we jumped out of the window and ran to my house. I would like to recommend you. I hope you will post again soon. Kind regard Villas in Sarjapur road. The haunted house Everyone says that the old house at the end of the road is haunted.

It used to be the residence of a rich family but now none of them would stay there. So the house is vacant and uncared for. The compound is filled with over-grown weed and grass.

My friend Jack and I decided to find out once and for all if what people said was true. So one evening, we bravely entered the house and prepared to spend the night there. We brought along a powerful torchlight, two sleeping-bags, some food and drinks, and a portable stereo set. The early part of the night was no trouble at all. We sat on our sleeping-bags and listened to our favourite music.

We felt a bit sleepy. So we switched off the stereo set and crawled into our sleeping-bags. However sleep was impossible. There seemed to be a heavy atmosphere hanging around us. The darkness was oppressive and there was a strange soft whining noise coming from upstairs.

We dared not go up to investigate the noise. So we lay quietly in our sleeping-bags and hoped that the noise would go away. But it would not go away. Actually it got louder and louder. Then it sounded like someone moaning. Jack hurried out of his sleeping-bags and switched on the torchlight. We could see nothing except the walls of the empty living room we were in. Suddenly there was a loud crash from upstairs and the moans turned to screams.

We screamed too and ran out of the house as fast as we could, leaving behind everything that we had brought. Carrying on up the path the grass carried on forever into the horizon, a dull grey color as if it had lost the will to live and stopped growing altogether.

One lonesome Oak tree stood by the house swaying in the wind and as the windswept by the tree whispered to the air and its surroundings. The moon shone bright white, in the cloudless sky, it was the only source of light that could be seen for miles. Owls occasionally fluttered by overhead, their silhouettes passing over the grass. The air was cold and numb and with every breath I drew a misty, chilly exhale followed. As the house drew nearer everything around me became quieter and more distant.

From the outside, the house was tall and thin, made from large dark grey stones that had a rough feel all of this sandwiched together by crumbling cement. Climber Plants grew up the house winding around the drainpipes grabbing for the little sunlight that reached this desolate place. The windows rattled vigorously from the howling wind, as though they were about to fall out of the frames which were made from rotting wood being eaten away by wood worm. A few potted plants lay next to the door, once there for neat presentation now wilted and brown, almost certainly dead.

The door had been left ajar perhaps for many years, or maybe someone was already in there. The hallway was dull and smelt of dust mixed with old age. Paintings hung up of what looked to be important rich people, their eyes following my every move.

To the left was an old wooden stairway leading upwards to the second floor each step looked so delicate and worn that if you were to walk up them you would step right through them. Straight ahead led to two more rooms, which looked to be a kitchen, from all the cups and plates left out, a dining room, and to the right of me was the lounge area.

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Ghost Story of the Haunted House Essay example - The Haunted House This haunted house in Hagerstown was built long ago. It is the site of a most interesting ghost story, which happened to my friend’s friend’s grandmother.

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Descriptive Essay Examples Descriptive Essay Example: The Haunted House Pushing the heavy gates open the touch of the iron bars, as cold as ice, seized up my hand completely.

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Descriptive Essay Haunted House. there was a house that everyone knew was haunted. It was an old neglected house on a side street in the oldest part of town. Sometimes, the most wonderful smells issued from the house and filled the street with the heavenly odor of fresh baked bread. Description of a haunted house essay. Floor plans for sale persuasive essay a narrative essay. Disadvantages of the. Enter to write the open glass there is written by hastings house haunted mansion. This task has haunted house slots. Cary's description can buy a memoir. From walking away.

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Haunted House - High upon a lonely hill surrounded by a great dark forest, stood an ancient, crumbling manor, known as the Haunted House. The windows were all smashed and it looked like the house was used a long time ago and was never used again. The font gates were as old as the hills. Writing sample of descriptive essay on a given topic "Haunted House" Haunted Houses A haunted house is one believed to be occupied by ghosts. People believe to hear sounds and see spiritual creatures or the spirits of the previous homeowners.